About Me


I am Maree Dee. I have a beautiful family, a handsome husband of twenty-eight years, three amazing children, and two loving dogs. I am passionate about helping people. I frequently find myself fighting for the “underdog” or fighting against all odds. True, I am small in stature, but I can fight like a mighty warrior for those I love, injustices, and causes that are close to my heart.

My passion is currently channeled into writing about “Embracing Life in the Midst of the Unexpected.” Along with writing, I co-created and lead a ministry that meets on a monthly basis. In this group, we strive to educate, support, and provide skills to families that have a loved one with mental health difficulties. By speaking out publicly, I am an advocate for families impacted by mental health challenges. I also serve as a board member of a non-profit organization. I want people to know they are not alone.

Before serving in the area of mental health, I co-owned a successful Certified Public Accounting practice. I have co-led mission trips to foreign countries, directed Bible study groups, served on a private school board, and volunteered in numerous capacities.

I am a work in progress, flawed just like everybody else. I don’t have life mastered. I am always seeking knowledge, understanding, and ways to help others and myself.


I love PEOPLE, my family, traveling, seeing God’s wonders, snow skiing, music, and hiking on wide paths with no snakes.

I love challenges. I love learning and reading.

I love God!   – He is my very best friend and companion.

Funny, I like things orderly, predictable, and consistent, which life is not. I like a plan. Ask me what I am doing on any given day and I probably have a plan.


I am an example of a life that wasn’t expected. My life was not planned nor expected; yet I was embraced, loved, and adopted at three days old. I have walked through many unexpected things in life, cancer taking loved ones, parents divorcing, stopping someone from being strangled, people I care about giving into drug addiction, family members with mental illness, and much more. However, the deepest most gripping unexpected pain has been, watching my children suffer at times and feeling utterly helpless.


I hope you will join me on a journey to embrace life in the midst of the unexpected. We can encourage each other. Our stories may not be the same, we may not worship the same God, but we ALL face the unexpected in life. We all have a choice in how to embrace that. I believe we are meant to do life together not alone; I know we can uncover ways to find hope, peace, joy, and some amazing everyday unexpected blessings along the way.


Okay so I have to let you know, I have and will change the names of the people and places I am so passionate about. They have amazing stories filled with struggles, hope, and triumph. My hope is one day you will hear personally from them. I will share things that have worked for me, but I am not a professional nor can I take the place of one.

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