Embracing the Unexpected


First Day of School for the Mom of a Child with a Mental Illness

As I sit in my comfortable chair outside listening to the bird’s chirp, I think to myself: life today is not bad. It feels smooth, easy and comfortable. Relishing in the fact that today, school is starting, and it is no longer a part of my world. I consciously decide to ignore those old feelings of what it used to be like struggling to get a child to school. I say to myself, “not this year;” it is my turn...

What’s the Value in a Blog Link-up?

Blog Link-up

When I stumbled upon my first blog link-up, I had no idea of the value, that could come from it. For those of you that do not know what a link up is- it is a place where bloggers can add their link to a post, they have previously published. You can see on my blog link-up page some of my favorite places where I frequently add my posts. Little did I know that the investment of my time in...

Do You Listen To God’s Whispers?


Do you listen to God’s whispers even when they make no human sense? This week marks the one-year anniversary of “Embracing The Unexpected.” This blog started with a whisper from God, many years ago, “Maree I want you to write and tell our stories. I knew God had taught me how to embrace life in the midst of the unexpected, but I wasn’t so sure sharing it would be a wise move....