Embracing the Unexpected


10 Clues You’re Striving For Perfection, Not Excellence


Do you cover up your perfectionism with the mantra “striving for excellence? Of course, doing our best is always a pleasant thing, but when we blur the lines of good and perfect, it begins to hurt us and those we love. Join me, as we look at ten clues, which reveal when we are striving for perfection, not excellence. Until it hit me with an embarrassing and unexpected moment, was I willing to start looking at my perfectionism tendencies. Of course, it...

Out Of The Box

Box - Out of the Box

Do you categorize people based on differences? I honestly didn’t think I did until it hit me smack dab in the face at a recent convention. It got me thinking: What might happen if we stopped putting people in boxes?...

Do You Struggle To Connect With Others?

Do you struggle to connect with others? If so that fight might have something to do with where you have placed your focus. When we meet people, we inherently put our radar up. We immediately scan how different we are from each other. I remember years ago being encouraged to host a couple’s bible study. I was super excited until...