What’s the Value in a Blog Link-up?

Blog Link-up

When I stumbled upon my first blog link-up, I had no idea of the value, that could come from it. For those of you that do not know what a link up is- it is a place where bloggers can add their link to a post, they have previously published. You can see on my blog link-up page some of my favorite places where I frequently add my posts. Little did I know that the investment of my time in...

How To Stop Striving For Perfection

June Favorites

Do you find yourself in a place where you are struggling to be perfect? You want to change, and yet you just can’t seem to stop the vicious cycle. You start out striving for excellence, after all – doing your best is a worthy and noble attribute, but somehow you end up on the other side, trying for perfection. Of course, we know perfection never happens, so we are left disappointed, exhausted, and missing what God had in mind. Join...

Do You Struggle To Connect With Others?

Do you struggle to connect with others? If so that fight might have something to do with where you have placed your focus. When we meet people, we inherently put our radar up. We immediately scan how different we are from each other. I remember years ago being encouraged to host a couple’s bible study. I was super excited until...