Do you always listen to that voice inside of you?

July 19, 2016



Do you always listen to that voice inside of you?

The cold water rushed up into our faces as we tried to understand what had just happened. I first started trying to gather my belongings, then quickly looked around counting one child two, oh my gosh where is my third child.

He is missing!

I let out a blood-curdling scream from the depths of my soul. I am sure it was heard for miles and miles. You know that scream that could only come from a mother when one of her children is missing.


Our belongings were all around us. Towels were floating, snacks, books, and bags all floating but no Ethan. The boat was upside down. My precious son was nowhere to be found. We all came up, but he didn’t. I kept saying over and over in my mind; this can’t be happening; this must be a nightmare.

His short life of seven years flashed before my eyes. Again, counting, one, two. Where was number three? My mind couldn’t grasp the reality of the situation. No way, how could I have let this happen? I knew better we were avid boaters on the lake. We never let our children get into our boat without a life jacket.

But today we were on the ocean. We were not in charge. It was a simple little ride from the Big Boat to the Shore or so we thought. The dingy boat hardly picked up speed, and the waves seemed pretty tame. Of course, we were in unfamiliar waters and assumed the Captain knew what he was talking about when he boldly stated with such authority. “No worries; no life jackets needed. Our girls, never wear them, never need them. Kids can swim, right?” We replied, “Yes, excellent swimmers” but…………..



Never in my life did I consider me to be a person that goes with the crowd. I can remember many many times standing STRONG in a crowd ridiculed for not going along. I am a woman of strength, yes, a rule follower yet a woman that can think on her own. I usually listen to that inner voice, which I call GOD. But to my surprise on this particular day when it mattered most, I wasn’t listening to that small voice inside of me. I wasn’t going with what I knew to be true.

My children needed life jackets.

The dingy was upside down I just kept screaming, “WHERE IS ETHAN,” “Where is ETHAN?

Ethan was the last and final baby in our family; he completed us. He made us a family of five. We all needed him; I needed him. Each of my children had their unique qualities; he was our ray of sunshine. His sisters adored him and doted on him. The flashes of him kept coming; the day he was born, his first step, the magical sound of his first mama spoken, his first day of school, his first bike ride, the time he insisted at three to water ski just like Daddy. How could I have let this happen? It is true, sometimes in those moments, life does flash before your eyes, and that day it was is a mixture of complete joy and pain. His precious life was flashing fast.

The shear fear took over; it was as if someone had taken a knife and split my heart open. I kept scanning the horizon and no Ethan. I frantically pushed at items to find him in the water.

It was probably only a few seconds, but it felt like time was standing still. My husband went into quick fix it mode and tried to flip the dingy boat over. We all frantically joined in, but we couldn’t get the boat over. It was as if it had sealed shut and it was quickly being pulled out to sea.

Then out of nowhere Ethan’s little head popped up right next to us. There he was, our precious little man standing strong. He had come up many times under the vessel to breathe in the pocket of air. After a few attempts, he finally accomplished swimming down, out, and up.   Of course in his usual manner, he wondered what the heck the fuss was all about. I grabbed him and held him tight and thanked the Lord for his precious life.

The waves were crashing on the shore, our stuff all a muck. Possessions were lost, but our precious cargo was intact. All five of us were safe! We were the lucky ones that day. It could have turned out quite differently.

To this day, I am haunted by the thought of what could have happened?   And thankful it didn’t. I will never understand how I got caught up on that particular day and did not listen to that voice inside. It has helped me to judge others less and to listen carefully to the voice inside.

Four things I learned:

  1. Trust your instinct
  2. STOP – Breathe in and take a minute when something rings wrong in your mind
  3. Seek God’s wisdom
  4. Judge less, we all are but a decision away from making a tragic mistake. 

Do you always listen to that voice inside of you?


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    Oh wow, I have tears in my eyes reading this. Glad Ethan was fine and thankful for the reminder to listen to those mommy instincts and God’s voice instead of trying to do what I think is expected of me, or what other mamas are doing. ❤

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      Maree Dee

      So true about doing what other mamas are doing. I have fallen into that too. Thanks for stopping by.


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    Maree, thank God Ethan was alright!!
    Yes, God has spoken to me many times, in His still small voice. And every time I ignore Him, I regret it.
    Every. time.
    Living Proverbs 31

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      I couldn’t agree with you more about regreting the times I do not listen to Gods voice. Thank goodness the experience taught me to pay attention. I don’t always listen, but I do a heck of a lot more. Thanks for stopping by.

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        You’re welcome. I’m sure most people still to work on it.

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          Maree Dee

          I think you are right.

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    Being Woven

    Maree Dee, I kept praying that this turned out well…and it did. Oh, my! I am so sorry you had to go through that. God’s still small voice is most precious but only when we hear it. I have heard and ignored, heard and followed, and not heard it. I pray that I will be still so that I can listen and hear…then act in obedience. Thank the Lord for His care over your Ethan.

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      Maree Dee

      Thank you, I am glad to that Ethan was okay. It did teach me to listen to that small voice inside. Of course many times I still don’t quite listen, but I have gotten so much better and hearing him. Maree

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    Oh my goodness. How scary! So glad your son was okay!

    I’m your neighbor from Holly Barrett and so glad I stopped by!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee


      I am glad you stopped by too. I will head over your way soon too.I love getting to meet people through the link up. Maree

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    That must have been such a scary experience, but I’m glad it ended well and he was okay. It is important to listen to that small voice inside of us, but so easy to be swayed by others’ opinions at times.

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      Maree Dee

      Yes, it was a scary experience, but it taught me life lessons that have served me well. Of course since then many times I have been swayed by others opinions but equally if not more I listen to that voice inside. It isn’t my voice I know it is Gods. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Maree

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