Do you have the “Busy Disease”?

August 11, 2016

Is your to-do list long like mine, where it would take a full staff to get to the bottom of it by year-end? Do you feel like everyone is pulling so tightly, you can hardly breathe? Are you finding it hard to slow down or say “no” to another request?

My guess is you might be a lot like me. I call it the “busy disease.” I love being busy. I sometimes even convince myself that I thrive in it. I love accomplishing. I love the ding on my computer of another task completed. I will even put something on my list so that I can cross it off. I feel useful, productive, and oh so relevant. When leaving my home, the big question is, does mom have her black bag? After all, she wouldn’t want to get caught waiting somewhere without her bag of things to accomplish.

One would think with all of our modern day conveniences that we would now have more time to enjoy life.   That hasn’t happened. Instead, we now believe we have the ability to add more. Society even encourages it. In fact, we get kudos for just how many things we can juggle. I know I stand in amazement at others that are more productive than me. I admit it; I envy and look up to them.

Today, we juggle work, kids, church, social events and more. We shoot to be super mom, super church lady, super everything. From society, we receive pats on the back, and we are told how great we are for all that we accomplish.    Are we missing something? Are we just exhausted and inside screaming for a different way of life, even for just one moment.

Not too long ago my family would insist on turning the lights off when I joined them to watch TV. Lights off meant I couldn’t work and watch at the same time. Multi-tasking was impossible in the dark. It meant they might actually have my full attention.

So I began to ponder, was I was missing something in my everyday life, in my relationships? Could I be longing for something more and not even be aware of it. Was the “busy disease” robbing me of something? Maybe I was missing something that would give me a deeper sense of peace in my ordinary day. I wasn’t sure that I was missing anything because I typically see the positive aspects of life.

So I set out on a quest for something different in the middle of my busyness. I would try to pause, be in the present moment, and embrace all it had to offer.

I found the magic …

JUST STOP!!! Right, where I am. Breathe in, Really Breathe. Be in this Moment!

As I began to learn this new way, the world took on an entirely new look. I started to notice the way the trees swayed in the wind. The way the leaves glisten and flutter on the trees. The way the sun warms my skin. The way children sound when laughing. I felt and heard the joy of people greeting each other.  The colors all around me became vibrant, and life became sweeter.

These moments are all around us, but one must be careful if you blink you might just miss them. They are moments that will pass you by because you are not paying attention. You can’t plan for them nor can you expect them. You must look for them and embrace them.

These are moments that quiet the soul, connect one with God, and bring a wave of peace that is indescribable. And to think –  it is right there in the present moment, but you have to pause long enough to capture it.

Even in the midst of some incredible painful moments I have caught the moments of blessings. Sometimes it is just a smile that warms my soul. I am confident you too can find these extraordinary moments of blessings wherever you are.

JUST STOP!!! Right, where you are. Breathe in, Really Breathe.

Be in this Moment!

Look for and capture the moments of blessings all around you.

These blessings will surely bring a peace of mind, encouragement, strength, love and so much more even if it is only for that moment in time when you paused.

I am sure those closest to me would still argue I have the “Busy Disease”, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. However, I am work in progress, and I capture a lot more moments of blessing that enrich my life and give me so much more value than the ding of another task completed.

Believe it or not, I now expect the moments of blessings but I have to slow down long enough to look for them, or it is a guarantee I will miss them.


I would love to hear your captured moments this week. Join me over on Facebook where you can post a picture of your captured moments or leave a comment here.



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    Amy Boyd

    Hi Maree! I’m your neighbor today at #livefreethursday! I think we blog about very similar things…I’m always trying to get myself to focus on the here-and-now and not get lost in the daily onslaught of to-dos and stress. Thanks for the reminder to look at what’s right in front of you!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Amy, Thank you for stopping by. I am going to have to hop on over to your blog and see what you write about. I have had so much going on lately the here and now keeps slipping away. FOCUS TIME. Maree

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