Favorites on the Topic of Being Still

Welcome to my favorites page on the Topic of Being Still. On this page, you will find a variety of items related to our topic of Being Still.

Welcome to my favorites page on the Topic of Being Still.

On this page, you will find a variety of items related to our topic of Being Still.  All items listed are things that have struck a chord with Maree, and she thought they might for you too.



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Posts Related to Being Still

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Do you find it hard to be still? Sometimes it follows me right into my prayer life. This month we plan to tackle the meaning and benefits of being still.
When Being Still is Uncomfortable, A Different Perspective
"Be still and know...." Year after year God had put this verse on my heart. Surely he had new plans or was there more to being still I needed to learn?
Is There More to “Being Still?”


When overwhelmed doesn’t make sense, ask yourself: 1. Am I sitting still with GOD on a regular basis? If so, am I taking in the full meaning of what it means to be still with God? If you missed last weeks post, IS THERE MORE TO “BEING STILL?” click here. Being still includes letting go and giving it all to God. Quite honestly sometimes when circumstances are beyond our control it is easier to trust and give it to God. In those particular moments, we know without a doubt we are helpless and need him. 2. Am I carrying a load that God never intended for me? Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our own doing. We have picked up burdens that God never intended for us. In one of my favorite books – Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, Joanna Weaver tells a story about a man pulling a wagon up the hill. His cart becomes heavy and overloaded by his own doing. It is a story I carry with me, and I hope you will too. Click here to read it. 3. Have I lost my perspective? Sometimes we need to pull back and see the entire picture. Maybe one thing is little but combined with many things it is overwhelming. 4. Am I allowing others to speak into my life? 5. Am I taking good care of myself?
When Feeling Overwhelmed Doesn’t Make Sense
Do You Have the Busy Disease?
Does just the mere mention of unplugging from technology cause your heart to race? Maybe it is time to consider what a tech break might do for you?
A Tech Break Will Absolutely Benefit You







Life is challenging, unpredictable and quite honestly painful at times. When life is difficult, we need to know what is the best thing to do.
The Best Thing to Do When Life Is Difficult
Do you ever wonder how some people thrive in the middle of trying circumstances? One crucial component is rest. Do you know how to rest?
How to Rest in the Midst of the Unexpected
When was the last time you felt free? Where you allowed your mind to take an uninterrupted break and just be in the present moment?
How to Free the Mind and Have More Peace








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