How To Take In More Joy

September 22, 2016

Are you like me, where being productive is like an adrenaline rush? Where accomplishing and getting things off of your list brings a great feeling of satisfaction? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The world needs people like us to get things done. However…

Embraced Moments of Joy

Do you think this quest for being productive sometimes robs you of joy?

So the other day I tried a little experiment and was quite surprised by the results. My flight arrived a little bit early; I raced through the airport to be pleasantly surprised to see my bag already making its way around the baggage carousel. I reached up with all of my might and pulled that large suitcase off taking no casualties with me.

So, here I was with extra time to spare before my ride would arrive.  I always find unexpected time to be a fabulous dilemma.

As you may have figured out by now, waiting is not a problem for me. I pulled out my bag full of tasks to complete. I whipped out my computer, hooked into the airport Wi-Fi, and set out to be efficient with the extra time I had acquired.

As I sat there, I could hear a commotion in the airport of laughter and shrieks of delight as people were walking into the baggage claim area. I thought to myself, hmm what would it be like to just sit and observe these people and accomplish nothing? After all, this was extra time; I had not expected.

The motto I use so often came to mind,

JUST STOP!!! Right, where you are.

Breathe in, Really Breathe.

Embrace This Moment!

Look For and Capture The Moments of Blessings All Around You.

It Is A Choice To Embrace the Moment

So, I set aside my work and made a choice to “Embrace the Moment” no matter what it had to hold. I figured I didn’t have much to lose, maybe just a little boredom. I want you to know – I wasn’t just watching and plugging away at my computer, but I was fully present with all electronics put aside.

At this particular airport, it isn’t unusual to see crowds of people waiting for their loved one to return from their mission. Usually, I rush right by in my hurry to get to where I need to be. Today, I had chosen something different.

First, I heard the “anticipation” conversations, “Do you think his appearance has changed?” “Do you think he is hungry?” “Will he act differently?” “Did he have fun?” “Is he glad he went?”

Then the crowd presses forward with signs held high, welcoming their loved one home. Mom and Dad are beaming from eye to eye. I find myself joining in the excitement.

Together, we are watching for his footsteps to appear from around the last corner. I am so caught up in the moment; it doesn’t dawn on me that I won’t recognize this person. I do not know him.

By the cheers, I can tell our person has arrived; we watch as he goes step by step past the last security guard. The excitement is explosive; it is almost more joy than a heart can contain. The person then goes from person to person, hugs, and cheers galore.

The Reward

But the one embrace that brings tears to my eyes is the Momma hug. It is like no other hug. I see this grown boy and Momma alike wiping away the tears. Tear of joy, tears of pride and tears of a heart that longed for their love one to return. 

Soon afterward  I felt a  wet tear drop running down my face. Heck, by the time this young man arrived I felt like I should jump up and congratulate his return. It filled my heart to see and feel the love of being reunited.

I had no idea the delight I could receive from this small moment in time. I discovered one could piggyback to strangers “joy” simply by being present and embracing the moment. Joy is so contagious even when you do not know a soul, and joy is all around us.

To think I might have missed this unexpected opportunity to take in and share someone else’s joy – if I had kept my head buried in my computer being productive.

I encourage you to close it all down once in a while and  “EMBRACE THE MOMENT.” Take in whatever that moment has to offer. It just might surprise you that you will walk away with a huge smile and a heart filled with joy.

I would love to hear your “EMBRACING THE MOMENT” experiences this week.


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    Thank you for sharing your stories. They are heart felt and mean so much to me. I often talk to the clerks in stores just to say “how is your day” They are often overlooked as we hurry to get where we need to be. God has been speaking to me lately especially when I walk into church to say, You don’t always know what is going on with the person next to you. It isn’t always about me. Give them a smile they might need it.
    We are too caught up in our electronics and fail to see the love and laughter around us. Let’s pray that we can be better stewards with what God has taught us and leave the electronics in our purses.

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      Maree Dee

      Yes, I totally agree. It seems like so much of the time I feel so rushed to get somewhere I am not even aware of who is around me. I think I need to add more cushion time to enjoy those around me. I know I am missing out. I love the reminder about the clerks in the store. I am going to work on just that one potential interaction this week.

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    I loved your outlook and was so glad to hear you were able to unplug.

    I will never forget my encounter at my local market. I am usually a very friendly person. I usually always have a smile on my face, say hello to strangers, and will engage in casual conversations with random people. On this specific day I remember it so clearly. I had a lot to do hat day. I had my list on my phone of what I needed. I was checking Pinterest to get all the ingredients I needed. When I got to the checkout line I noticed every single person was on their phones in line. (Now I’m no saint, I have definitely been that person, returning an email for work, texting, or just checking Instagram) but on this day I left my phone in my purse and flipped through some magazines. I watched as everyone before me quickly got their stuff, paid and left. I noticed the cashier seemed a little down. I smiled and greeted her and asked her how her day had been going. She responded with, ” you know I’ve been working here all day and you are the very first person to ask me that”. I was a little shocked by that, but continued our conversation. She went on to tell me that she had been having financial problems, problems with her marriage, issues with her daughter and that life for her just stunk at that moment. I genuinely listened to her as she went on. I remember looking at the people behind me and they kind of made that look like, hurry it up. As I was finishing my purchase she finished by saying, ” you have no idea how much you turned my day around, your smile makes me want to smile, and yo showed you cared about me and that meant a lot”.

    I remember getting in my car and driving home and putting all the groceries away and I couldn’t help but think about this encounter. I was reminded on this day that everyone has a story and we don’t know what is going on in someone’s life. Could I have gotten a few emails out while she rang up my stuff? Sure could have but instead I was able to make someone’s day just by having a five minute conversation and smiling. So many times I’m tempted to whip my phone out to send a text, email, check Facebook. My time is way better spent engaging in the moment and making human connections.

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      Maree Dee

      I love your story, thank you for sharing. A lesson we can all learn. I am so guilty of having my phone out too much. I am going to try and be more cognizant of my phone usage. How sad that people work in jobs where they are serving us and we can barely say hello.

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    Thanks for sharing that terrific story, Maree! I can absolutely relate…and sometimes find myself in similar situations, making up stories about the people around me! When I can stay around long enough to see more and find out what’s actually going on, I feel like I actually know these perfect strangers and actually celebrate with them in their joy!

    I also want to share that I decided to volunteer in childcare for MOPS at our church today, even though my heart has been aching for my own little grandson who lives far away. Even though I initially had reservations because I thought the experience might cause me to feel even more sad and cause me to miss my grandson even more, I felt so much joy during my time there and realized these little “cruisers” are someone else’s grandchildren… and they are counting on someone like me to be there in their absence!

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      Maree Dee

      That is wonderful you decided to volunteer at MOPS. What a blessing you will be. That has to be so difficult to be away from your grandson. I hope you find receive an overflow of joy from the little ones.

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