Be Still


How To Take In More Joy

Are you like me, where being productive is like an adrenaline rush? Where accomplishing and getting things off of your list brings a great feeling of satisfaction? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The world needs people like us to get things done. However… Do you think this quest for being productive sometimes robs you of joy? So the other day I tried a little experiment and was quite surprised by the results. My flight arrived a little bit...

Do you have the “Busy Disease”?


Is your to-do list long like mine, where it would take a full staff to get to the bottom of it by year-end? Do you feel like everyone is pulling so tightly, you can hardly breathe? Are you finding it hard to slow down or say “no” to another request? If so my guess is you might have the “Busy Disease.” My guess is you might be a lot like me. I call it the “Busy Disease.” I love being...