Out Of The Box

Box - Out of the Box

Do you categorize people based on differences? I honestly didn’t think I did until it hit me smack dab in the face at a recent convention. It got me thinking: What might happen if we stopped putting people in boxes?...

Running The Race Of Life Like A Marathoner


Are you in the middle of running the biggest race of your life? Perhaps a course, which may have caught you off guard and calls for perseverance. Maybe not – but I have news for you – we all will find ourselves in unexpected trials at some point in our lives. How we run the race of life will determine our success. ...

Growing in Awareness

Today I am so excited to welcome a special guest to Embracing the Unexpected. Please meet Catherine P. Downing. She has a beautiful way of encouraging others to see God in the midst of caring for a loved one with mental illness.  Maree Dee May is Mental Health Awareness Month, though for one out of five families, so are the other 11 months. We are one of those families....