Do You Listen To God’s Whispers?


Do you listen to God’s whispers even when they make no human sense? This week marks the one-year anniversary of “Embracing The Unexpected.” This blog started with a whisper from God, many years ago, “Maree I want you to write and tell our stories. I knew God had taught me how to embrace life in the midst of the unexpected, but I wasn’t so sure sharing it would be a wise move....

How To Stop Striving For Perfection

June Favorites

Do you find yourself in a place where you are struggling to be perfect? You want to change, and yet you just can’t seem to stop the vicious cycle. You start out striving for excellence, after all – doing your best is a worthy and noble attribute, but somehow you end up on the other side, trying for perfection. Of course, we know perfection never happens, so we are left disappointed, exhausted, and missing what God had in mind. Join...