Short-term Mission


Is Sending Money Worth More Than Going?

I admit I was skeptical. Should we have all stayed home, sent in our money and paid to have real builders produce a beautiful church?

Today was different! I woke up with an excitement that matched my thirty-four fellow teammates. Today was the day we would travel to a remote town in the Dominican Republic to build a church. I admit I was skeptical. I am no carpenter, and from the looks of my teammates, it didn’t appear as though too many of them had experience in construction. But we all crowded into small buses laughing and singing, excited to encounter a new act of...

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone?

I had finally said yes to something that had pulled at my heart for years. I chose to get out of my comfort zone and take my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic. As we traveled, I grew wearier from lack of sleep, and I began to question the value of such a trip. Questions jumped out at me, “What did I have to offer?”  “Would communication be impossible?” As I looked around at my team of 34, the...