First Day of School for the Mom of a Child with a Mental Illness

As I sit in my comfortable chair outside listening to the bird’s chirp, I think to myself: life today is not bad. It feels smooth, easy and comfortable. Relishing in the fact that today, school is starting, and it is no longer a part of my world. I consciously decide to ignore those old feelings of what it used to be like struggling to get a child to school. I say to myself, “not this year;” it is my turn...

How To Stop Striving For Perfection

June Favorites

Do you find yourself in a place where you are struggling to be perfect? You want to change, and yet you just can’t seem to stop the vicious cycle. You start out striving for excellence, after all – doing your best is a worthy and noble attribute, but somehow you end up on the other side, trying for perfection. Of course, we know perfection never happens, so we are left disappointed, exhausted, and missing what God had in mind. Join...

Running The Race Of Life Like A Marathoner


Are you in the middle of running the biggest race of your life? Perhaps a course, which may have caught you off guard and calls for perseverance. Maybe not – but I have news for you – we all will find ourselves in unexpected trials at some point in our lives. How we run the race of life will determine our success. ...