Back To School with Mental Health Issues – The Pain is Real

August 18, 2016

Back to School

As I sit in my comfortable chair outside listening to the bird’s chirp, I think to myself: life today is not bad. It feels smooth, easy and comfortable. Relishing in the fact that today, school is starting, and it is no longer a part of my world. I consciously decide to ignore those old feelings of what it used to be like struggling to get a child to school. I say to myself, “not this year;” it is my turn to avoid the feelings of the first day back to school, or so I think.

My thoughts of bliss are quickly interrupted as I hear a child’s cries from afar. I surprise myself at how quickly the old feelings well up. My heart begins to beat faster, and my mind starts racing. Oh, that out of control sound. I wonder, will it rise to uncontrollable or will it be a short quick outburst?   To continue reading click the newly revised post and title First Day of School for the Mom of a Child with a Mental Illness.




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    This is an amazing post, Maree. I love how you explained how it feels. Love this

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      Maree Dee

      Connie – Thank you! Hope you have had a good weekend. Maree

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