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On this page, you will find a variety of items related to our topic – Grief & loss.  All items listed are things that have struck a chord with Maree, and she thought they might for you too.



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Posts Related to Grief & Loss

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Not everyone learns and allows changes for the better from painful circumstances. Some people become bitter, mean, and lose their joy. Will you be the one to grow in the valley of loss? The post Includes a poem by Jane Eggleston.
Will You Grow in the Valley of Loss
Is It Grief or Depression?


It is inevitable at some point in our lifetimes we all will find ourselves grieving. Our grief will be unique to each of us. However, we can learn from each other ways to ease the pain. Today, I want to share the best thing I ever learned about grieving.
What Helps When You Are Grieving?
Wishing things were different. I squeeze my eyes even tighter. I don’t want to open them to my reality. I want life to be the way it used to be.
Wishing Things Were Different
Sometimes Mothers Day Hurts






Do you feel alone when you weep, as if no one understands the depth of your grief? What if I told you someone does? Would you believe me?
Are You Feeling Lonely When You Weep?
Do Your Words Add to the Suffering of Others?
Are you hiding from your grief? Maybe you don't even realize you have wounds which need some attention. Afterall losses come in many forms not just as a result of a death
Why Are You Hiding from Your Grief?








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