Favorites for the Holidays & Fantastic Gift ideas

Please enjoy some of my favorite posts and fantastic gift ideas for the Holidays. Please keep checking back throughout the month as I add new things.

Please enjoy some of my favorite posts, pdf’s, and fantastic gift ideas for the Holidays. Please keep checking back throughout the month as I add new things.

Fantastic Gift Ideas

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A stocking to hang and fill with God’s love done for others during the holiday season.


I love our red plate. We use it to recognize family members when it is their birthday or they have accomplished something or just because they are special.












Posts Related to the Holidays

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Do you ever have that morning where you wake up, and life just stinks? The last thing on your mind is an “attitude of gratitude.”
Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude

When You Know Holidays Are a Struggle: What Helps?


Blessings in the Midst Of My Child Mental Illness



I challenge you to ponder the question - Do lost people really matter to you? We know ALL PEOPLE matter to God, and therefore they should matter to us but ..
Do Lost People Really Matter to You?


The holidays are here! What if you have a family member that struggles with mental illness? You may be entering this holiday season with caution.

After an unexpected long travel day, the last thing on my mind was how to let God love others through me. I felt entitled to a pass.
How to Let God Love Others Through You
I am already exhausted just thinking about it. Is anyone else caught up  in that place where you are asking – “Can we please just skip Christmas?”
What to Do When You Want To Skip Christmas
Do you love the sweet rituals that the holidays bring but what happens when you find yourself in a place where the holiday traditions hurt?
When Holiday Traditions Hurt to the Core


Intentional Christmas Love

On Tuesdays in December, please meet me over on Facebook or Instagram to share a few ways you have intentionally loved others throughout your week.

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