You Might Fail At Your “New Years Resolutions” If You Skipped These Steps!

January 5, 2017

Did you declare some New Years Resolutions and skip some vital steps? Or maybe you didn’t set them at all because your track record of failing by February stands firm. After all, only 8 percent  of people are successful in accomplishing their New Year’s Resolutions. Check below to see if you skipped some vital steps in making your resolutions successful. It is not too late to make a goal or revisit the ones you did.

Did you make sure the timing was right to set a goal?

Personally, I think we pressure ourselves into making New Years Resolutions because that is what we are “supposed” to do. The timing couldn’t be worse. Most of us quite honestly are exhausted from the holidays; maybe we even entertained a little family drama, which has worn us down emotionally. I bet many of us have overindulged in some form or fashion so looking at December, as an accurate indicator of our year is most certainly a skewed perspective.

Setting goals can be done in any season during the year, so why we insist on doing them the final day of the year, I will never understand.

Did you pray about what God might want your goals to be?

If you are anything like me I figured if it were a worthy goal, God would be pleased. He just might be – but wouldn’t it make more sense to consult him first and choose what he might want for your year?

The method of jumping ahead of God, setting lofty goals and then asking him to put his stamp of approval on it just doesn’t work very well. My guess is the chance of success would only go up if it is God’s will.

Choosing God’s goal will be better than choosing a worthy goal.

Did you take an inventory of your last year?

New starts can be astounding. I love revamping, re-organizing, and pondering what the new year can bring. However, don’t you find heading into a new year with only forward-thinking might make the chances of our success slimmer?

One must look back at the previous year to see where we have been, what we did well, and where life was difficult. We must answer some pertinent questions to see where we have been in order to see where we want to go.

Here are a few questions to ponder. I encourage you to grab a pencil so when next year rolls around you can see your progress.

Ask yourself?

  • What went well in 2016? Why?
  • What were my biggest accomplishments in 2016?
  • What didn’t go so well in 2016? Why?
  • What was missing from my the year?
  • Where was my “yes” the correct answer and when should I have said “no”?

Did you set a spiritual goal?

All goals are good but making a spiritual goal is paramount in the life of a Christian. Remember that becoming more Christ-like is a lifetime process and setting a small spiritual goal each year is a way to move in that direction.

It is not a quick and easy goal to set. One has to take some time contemplating with God and to listen for his voice of where he would like you to grow spiritually. His answer just might surprise you.

If you would like a Spiritual Goal Worksheets for 2017, just click here for the download.

Did you keep it simple?

There are so many areas that one could make New Years Resolutions in (Spiritual, Emotional, Relationship, Health, Financial, etc.) and so many methods of setting them. The overachiever in me would like to establish one in every area. Then I would create a complete collection of steps of how to attain them. In fact, I would create so much time trying to create the best method of achieving them that I would never get around to doing them.

Are you like that at all? I love to plan, and it works well to help me avoid the things that I should be doing.

Then last year I did it differently. I decided to keep it simple. I chose one word to work on for the year. No steps, no method just a word. My word was “minimize.” My one word could apply to all areas of my life. Don’t get me wrong I am all about setting goals and writing out the steps to attaining them.

I found my one word could permeate all areas that I wanted growth in. Looking back it was never an all or nothing like most New Years Resolutions that end up with a big stamp of FAILED. I won, I learned how to minimize in all areas of life, and it wasn’t perfect, but it got me moving in the right direction.

I encourage you to go back and revisit your New Years Resolutions. Make sure you haven’t skipped the steps above. Otherwise, you just might fail at your “New Years Resolutions” before January turns into February.

If you chose a word for the year, a New Years Resolution or a Spiritual Goal – I would love to hear what it is in the comments below?


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    Some great tips here, Maree! I’ll be pondering them over the next few days…and make another comment later.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      The truth is I am still pondering myself. I like to take some time to think about my goals.

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    My thoughts and desire are to grow in my walk with the Lord and desire to hear His voice to direct me in all I do and say.
    Love your wisdom!

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    My thoughts and desire are to grow in my walk with the Lord and desire to hear His voice to direct me in all I do and say.
    Loved your post and your insight!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Kathy, I love your goal. I honestly haven’t declared mine. I think I am still wrestling with God as to what I hear him saying. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement in my writing.

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