What do you think when you see a Bible pulled out in public?

September 8, 2016

Bible in Public
Bible in Public

Do you ever pull your Bible out in public and wonder what others are thinking about you? Don’t get me wrong; I am not consumed with what others think, but I am a little curious from time to time. On this particular day, my mind wandered to that place.

I was so excited to get to my seat on the plane. You see, I meet a very special friend almost every time I fly. It is a friendship I long for, a time my heart desires, a place where I can be filled up ready to face the world.

I call it “my special place with God.”

It is our place where we connect on a level that I never knew was possible. I meet God in that seat almost every single time I fly.

I arrived at my seat and began to set up in sort of a routine kind of way. I pulled my Bible out, got my music going, and grabbed my prayer journal. But on this particular day, I noticed the man sitting next to me who looked on with sort of a blank stare.  My thoughts took me to a place that I rarely go.

What in the world does he think of me?

I have my Bible propped up and barely a hello was uttered from my lips? I decided to pause and embrace those thoughts for a minute.

Does he think I am one of those Christian fanatics that might start doing weird things?  Or maybe he thinks I am scared to death to fly. Is he concerned I might start reciting verses aloud or try to convert him on the spot? Or just maybe, he reads the same Bible and would like to strike up a conversation.

Then I go to the moral side. Does the man sitting next to me assume I have an attitude? That I carry around the holier-than-thou point of view? Does he think my purpose is to show off that I am a Christian?  Oh, how I wish I could see into his mind or he would ask me, “why do you have your Bible out?”  It would give me the opportunity to share just why I seek God in this particular place.

If he only knew how God pulled me through years of painful flights. Those trips where my heart could barely contain the pain of leaving a child behind. That seat on the airplane has always been a place I could count on meeting God.  It was a place God always made his presence known, that


I would want the man sitting next to me to know God’s word sets my moral compass. I am no better than the next nor do I think so. In that time, God shows me where I come up short, where I need to point my compass and where I need to strive in life.

I find strength, hope, and a love I can’t deny.

Then I thought to myself what if I never read my Bible? Oh my goodness, could you imagine what kind of person I would be? I am a Christian, not a perfect person. I am flawed just like everybody else. I am rude at times, short with people, make mistakes, and I don’t always make good choices. I can guarantee you this, if I did not allow God’s word to pour over me on a regular basis, the man sitting next to me for sure would want to find another seat.  Instead of seeing the little lady reading her Bible; he would find the wicked monster in the seat next to him.

My trips have turned from painful to pleasure over the years, but it is still my incredible place with God. I take silly pictures out of the airplane window and thank God for the beauty I see. Sometimes I get that feeling that I could walk right out on the wing and touch Jesus. I even imagine him walking towards me on the clouds. I love my meeting place with GOD. The truth is it is my spot where I usually lose sight of the person sitting next to me until God nudges me to be a little friendlier.


Do you have a special place where you meet with Jesus? 

I would love to hear where? 

If not, I encourage you to find that place – it is amazing.


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      Maree Dee

      Emery, What is your website address?

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    I feel encouraged when I see someone open their Bible in public because it helps me know that some people are using His word as their manual for living!

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      Maree Dee

      So true!

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    I love your honesty. I always find that pulling out my Bible or a religious book for that matter has been a great conversation starter. Especially with those who aren’t Christians. I’ve found it to be a subtle way to share his word without being that “in your face obnoxious Christian”

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      Maree Dee

      I couldn’t agree more.

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    Great message and timely since I’m flying to Denver today. I think it’s a cool idea. Rituals are helpful and looking forward to quiet time in our busy world seems the sane, not crazy thing to do. Christians to me are just like everyone else, good days and bad, ups and downs, but for those who don’t have much contact or had negative experiences with Christians the perception might be different. It is sort of interesting to see someone carrying a Bible alone in an airport or plane, or any public place makes me a bit curious. But unless the person has a terrible attitude or is very rude, I’m not the least offended. I admit I would give more grace to an offensive non-Christian than a rude Christian though. I’ll have to do some thinking about that during my quiet time on the plane tonight!

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      Maree Dee

      Enjoy your plane time. If you take any pictures, please post them on my Facebook page. I will post some that I have taken later this week. I love your honesty about being more willing to offer grace to an offensive Non-Christian than a Christian.

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    Thank you for your inspiring message. I’m thankful that I now have a Quiet Room where I can retreat to my “prayer chair”. There is a small table near it with Bible, devotional, prayer journal, etc. It is amazing that God actually wants to communicate with us and be our best friend!

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      Maree Dee

      I like how you have it all setup. I need to do that, so I don’t spend so much time getting up to get what I need. It has been suggested that I try and purchase an old airline seat since it works so well for me. Can’t you just see that one in my house?

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