Who Has Your Back?

April 20, 2017

Do you have a group of “People” who have your back? You know the kind of people who will stand by you in the midst of your circumstances all the while offering compassion, wisdom, support and love no matter what.   Do you have someone’s back?

I believe…….

We all need teams because we were never meant to do life alone.


I watched from a distance the making of a team I desperately wanted to be on.

As a kid when springtime rolled around I was miserable. My eyes swelled up, breathing was difficult, and to top it off the darn allergy medicine made me drowsy. Grassy areas were completely off limits because something in the air would trigger a horrible allergic reaction.

In Junior High, during Physical Education class, I was forced to stay far away on the concrete while my friends played softball. I watched and listened as they laughed and shouted. All I dreamed about was being able to play alongside them.

So when Basketball tryouts came around this 4’11” girl tried out. Ha – I bet this will surprise you – I made the team. Okay, so I know what you are thinking they probably let everyone play. It didn’t matter to me – I was part of something, and it felt good.

I was so darn short, but I could dribble the ball down low, scoot on by the tall girls, and quickly pass it to a teammate who would shoot and WE would score.

I loved everything about being part of a group: the comradery, the fun times, teamwork, laughter, and most important belonging to something. It felt so good to work together for a common goal.

It was a heck of a lot better than feeling alone in my misery on the side watching my peers play together.

Why is a team so important?

  • We were never meant to do life alone.
  • We were made for community.
  • Two are better than one.
  • Life is better with someone to share it with.

Each of us will bring unique qualities that will help pull the other up. Together life will be easier and a heck of a lot more fun.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 

I Thessalonians 5:11

So let me ask you a question – Are you letting your circumstances keep you from being on a team?

Maybe you are too busy, too overwhelmed, too insecure, too secretive, too strong, or too………..?

The answer doesn’t matter we were all created to connect with others.  You need someone to have your back and your need to reciprocate.

Maybe your circumstances prevent you from meeting at a specific time. Do not let that stop you, next week I will share some new ideas on how to develop a team when finding time to meet is impossible.

You don’t have the time not to be a member. MAKE TIME.

Fight the urge to pull away

Okay, so you are in the middle of messy and think you have nothing to offer.   Wrong – Do you know how empowering it is to help another?

I remember a time when my world turned upside down. I felt alone in my circumstances, and I didn’t want to reach out to anyone. I was embarrassed, felt like a failure, and just wanted to crawl in a hole. BUT that didn’t happen I had teams made up of all kinds of people. Some prayed, some encouraged, some cried with me, and some had fun with me. Each and every person had a unique place on my team.

We all need someone to have our backs, and we need to be looking out for others.

I would love to hear how being part of a team has helped you?


Next week we will look at who should be on our teams and how to find our people.To read part two of – Who Has Your Back? – Click here.

Being part of a team is an essential element to embracing the unexpected. To see if you have what it takes to embrace the unexpected click here.

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  1. Reply

    Donna Reidland

    Maree, I’ve been on both sides of this. My natural tendency is to keep to myself and for the most part, I’m happy on my own. (I grew up with rowdy brothers, while I was the quiet reader.) But I know this is not wise or biblical. When my husband and I became Christians, God blessed us with a circle of about 8 couples. We were all excited about being on this new journey together. We supported and prayed for each other and just hung out. God used that little group to keep us on track in those early years. Thanks for sharing many of the reasons why this is so important.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      How wonderful to have a circle of 8 couples. God did bless you.

      My natural tendency is not to keep to myself. Due to some circumstances I have had to learn to be by myself, and you know what it isn’t too bad, I have found God makes great company. But I miss my teams when I stay away too long.

      It was so nice to see your comment here today.


  2. Reply

    Brandi Raae

    Our family is kind of in the middle of getting back into having a “team” again. After an unfortunate situation at our former church where my husband was assistant pastor and worship leader, we knew we needed to leave. We searched for over a year until we finally found a church we could call home. And now we are finally starting to meet people and make friends again. It’s a blessing, but it’s still extremely difficult to start over.

    Thanks for sharing at literacy musing mondays!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Brandi, Your situation does sound difficult. I can only imagine how hard it is to be so connected at the level you were at and then leave. I know lots of feelings must go along with a move like that. I am so glad you have found a new church and are beginning to make connections. It must be so difficult to start over.

      My situation is completely different, but we are thinking of uprooting and moving to a new state in a few years. I often visit that place for periods of time, so I have started trying to make some friends. I found a church I love, but I find myself rushing out the door when service is over which is strange because I am a people person. I joined a small group at this new church, and the ladies are so welcoming it helps, but it takes time to develop friendships. I feel strange at my age needing to make new friends.

      Praying for you as you connect with new people.

      Blessings, Maree

  3. Reply

    Gretchen Fleming

    What wise words! I relate to pulling back yet I know God wants me to stay engaged with others. I am much more comfortable “giving” because I have found it is when I am “expecting ” that I can get disappointed. Community involves both aspects. Great post:) Thanks for stirring my heart:)

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Gretchen, I love what you said about “expecting” and “giving”. I am going to have to give that a bit of thought this week. Thank you for your insightful comment. Maree

  4. Reply

    Brooke Grangard

    This is such a great reminder, especially as we hear about our society growing lonelier. We were created to be in community! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      I agree we are growing lonelier as a society and yet we have so many ways to connect. Glad you stopped by. Maree

  5. Reply

    Michele Morin

    I love this story about your “sports career”! And since our boys played sports, I’ve regretted that I didn’t take advantage of the learning opportunities they offer when I was a kid. We so need to be embraced by the team mentality in the body of Christ.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee


      After a rough night, you have me smiling this morning about my short-lived “sports career.” Unfortunately, that was my only experience in sports. I too wish I had played more sports. I loved the years with my children growing up playing in different sports.

      However, my experience led me on to join up with all kinds of groups and get the feeling of belonging.

      Hope you have a wonderful week.

  6. Reply

    Heather Hart

    I need fellowship with other Christian women. It’s so good to know that others are going through the same things. To know they care about you and support you. To know that you are reaching towards a common goal.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee


      I couldn’t agree with you more. I need fellowship. I thrive on it. Maree

  7. Reply


    Yes! It’s so empowering to help each other. That’s what we were made to do. I loved this encouragement. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Deb’s #faithandfriends

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      I love to help others too. However, I struggle with taking help. I need to work on that. Maree

  8. Reply

    Debbie Kitterman

    Maree – YES & Amen! We were never meant to do life alone! WE were built for community and to live life together. That is exactly what the early church in Acts modeled for us, what Jesus modeled for us with His disciples, and even way back in the Old Testament in the Garden God said it’s not good for man to be alone… we need fellowship. I think Ifeoma is right too, it does take risk and trust, so we must be careful in whom we choose to let into the inner circle…. but we do need have people we take risks with to open up to.

    Thank you for linking up with #TuneInThursday today! I am so blessed to have you linking your posts as part of the community each Thursday.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Thank you for hosting a wonderful link up. I love all of the biblical examples you gave. We have some great men and women in the Bible that have modeled well what community is all about.


  9. Reply


    A married couple can be a team and yet, I have found, ‘the two shall become one’, meaning that more is needed. So, we have found ‘Team’ in support groups such as Alanon, NAMI, and Circles of Hope. Therapists have been a part of our Team as well as books and devotions, and, I believe, that God has been behind and through it all.
    Our Team has greatly helped us and now I am noticing that the information and support I have received is helping me to comfort, support, and help others. It is truly wonderful how a Team can feed its members at all levels. God is good!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Thank you for mentioning the teams that you find are a great support. I too have found great support in many of the same teams you mentioned.

      I love that you are allowing God to use you by turning it around and giving back.God is good.

      Hope you have a great weekend.


  10. Reply

    Lori D.

    Wow! I needed to read this. I have been so overwhelmed that I withdraw from my team….it’s so ridiculous . Thank you for reminding me to stop it!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      You are so welcome for the reminder. I am sorry you are overwhelmed. I hate it when life gets that way. I know for me I want to pull away but know I need to not withdraw from the teams I have. Of course it is easier said than done. Maree

  11. Reply


    “We all need someone to have our backs, and we need to be looking out for others.” Amen. If we’re able to make habits of both of these, imagine the good we can do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Maree. ((hug))

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee


      I agree we need to make habits of both.


  12. Reply

    Ifeoma Samuel

    I’m sorry about the name it’s automatic editting from tablet, Maree!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      NO worries, about the name. Jared is a good name. I might want to try it on for the day. Ifeoma it happens to me all of the time when I leave a comment. I think I can edit it on my side. I am just glad you visited and left a comment. It is so encouraging to know when something I say resonates with another. Have a wonderful day! Maree

      1. Reply

        Ifeoma Samuel

        HAHA Maree, I try to. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. Because there is little time to do every one you know 😉
        Hugs dear friend

  13. Reply

    Ifeoma Samuel

    Hey Maree I love love!!!!This post
    We need people in our lives. We need community. Sometimes, people stay away because they have been hurt. It takes risk and trust to open our hearts to people.
    Hugs and blessings to you

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Great point, it does take trust and an open heart. I sometimes shy away from community because I don’t feel like I fit in or have anything to offer especially when life if challenging. I don’t like being the needy one, yet I love to care for others.

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