How to Let God Love Others Through You

December 7, 2017

After an unexpected long travel day, the last thing on my mind was how to let God love others through me. It was late; my eyes longed for sleep, my stomach growled as I shivered from the cold.  Cranky seems to rule the roost at times like this.  I felt entitled to a pass. Do you know what I mean?

Thank goodness a calm person picked me up and happily agreed to stop and get me something to eat. It seemed as though my day had held one unexpected problem after another. When we arrived at Arby’s, of course, my wallet was in the very back and hard to reach. Instead of cash I grabbed a credit card and proceeded to the door.

All I could think about was how I wanted to get to my destination, and the straightest route possible would be ideal. You see I had been rerouted all day long. What should have been a short flight turned into an all-day odyssey and I was worn out.  This lady was in no mood to be gracious and helpful.

Remember the post, Do Lost People Really Matter to You?  Well, I’m embarrassed to say I am not sure they did at this particular moment. But I was about to find out if my words matched my walk.

As I approached the door, a pair of sweet eyes looked up at me from the ground, and a gentle voice said, “Maam do you have any money to spare?” Quickly I replied,”No, I am sorry I don’t have any.” At first, I felt vindicated, as the half-truth rolled off my lips. I honestly had no money on me, but I did in the car.

As I waited for my sandwich, I felt so pulled toward the homeless man outside. I wondered…

Where is his family? Are the shelters full? Would it help to give him money? Is he cold, it is 30 degrees out, and all he had was a scranny blanket? Is he hungry? Why me? Why tonight?

Hmm, I had a choice – I could dig through my things in the car and try to come up with some money. I could judge him unworthy and lazy. Heck, I could even take a pass; after all, I was tired, hungry, cold and cranky with good reason. My day had been hard.

This young homeless man was but a few years older than my son, and his tender eyes pulled at my heartstrings to love him in some way. It didn’t have to be a “perfect way” or a way that was going to pull him out of being homeless, just a way to say, “I see you, and I care. “So I ordered up another sandwich, some sauce, and a drink and proceeded out the door.

There wasn’t much left in me to give –  a little sandwich, a smile, and to share a bit of God’s love.

Could I have given more? Absolutely.
Could I have helped in a better way? Possibly.

But I did something and my actions, said, “I see you, and you matter.” I allowed God to love this young man through a tiny gesture which took but a few extra efforts.

One of my favorite decorations to unpack each year is our family’s Jesus stocking. Seeing it hanging reminds me to love others God’s way. We fill it with love deeds done for others, especially when done in secret. It is a way of thanking God for giving us “Jesus” the most magnificent gift we will ever receive. Click here and visit my holiday favorites if you would like to get one too.

Will you allow God to love others through you? We must be intentional on a daily basis. We must look for opportunities and choose to love. Holidays can be difficult for many. Let’s spread the love together and keep this going throughout the holiday season and beyond.

It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you… yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.  Mother Teresa

Intentional Christmas Love

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  1. Reply

    Tami Qualls

    What a wonderful addition to Literacy Musing Mondays! I haven’t been the most loving lately.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Tami, Tis the season! Holidays bring so much extra stress it is difficult to be loving all of the time. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love Literacy Musing Mondays.

  2. Reply


    Great post and reminder for us all! Thanks for sharing your story! Very encouraging! 🙂

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      I am so glad you stopped by and were encouraged. Thank you. Maree

  3. Reply

    Jen Enoch

    Oh how this post seems like it was made for me…and the answer is YES. Yes, I will allow God to love others through me, because after all, it’s the greatest job we could do here on earth. To actually have a hand in helping make heaven more full of God’s children. I loved this so much, I read it nice a slow and absorbed it all. Thank you.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Jen, I love your comment it made me smile with your YES to God. You are so right it is the greatest job we could ever do on earth to allow God to love others through us. I feel so honored you read my post twice. Merry Christmas to you, Maree

  4. Reply

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  5. Reply

    Lisa notes...

    I can get frustrated when I’m hungry and plans change too. But you did well to go the extra mile by getting extra food for the gentleman. We never know who God will put in our path not only for their sake, but also for ours. Thanks for sharing this story!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Lisa, So true we never do know who God will put in our path. I always wonder how many he already put and I missed them. Glad you liked my post. Maree

  6. Reply

    Alisa Nicaud

    Maree, I LOVE this post. God has consistently been speaking to me today about love being a choice. We can choose to love others, even when don’t feel like it. When we make that choice, in those difficult moments, I believe we are planting eternal seeds that will produce fruit, even if we don’t get to witness it. I’ll be featuring your post this week on Salt & Light! (By the way….i LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!!! It looks amazing!)

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Alisa, I am so excited to be featured on your beautiful website. Thank you! Yes, I agree love is a choice. I also love what you said about planting eternal seeds even when we don’t witness them. Thank you for visiting, you made my day with your sweet comment. Blessings, Maree

  7. Reply


    This is rich and I shared on social media. We are neighbors at Tea and Word today!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Thank you!!! I am so glad you like it.

  8. Reply


    We have all been there Maree. I can’t imagine being homeless. I love the Mother Teresa quote and the stocking. Reminds me of the Bishop’s Wife, Cary Grant 1947. Maybe you recall discussing with me the word lost and the definitions, I’m doing word studies in January. Lost is one of them. Some people will understand being saved and getting a little ” lost along the way “, without losing your salvation. His mercies are new every morning, how true.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      I am looking forward to your words studies in January. I agree we can get lost without losing our salvation. One of my favorite verses is about his mercies being new every morning. Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for stopping by. Maree

  9. Reply

    Alyson | Write Them On My Heart

    Wow, your beautiful honesty has challenged me. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Proverbs 19:17

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Alyson, Thank you for stopping by. I love the verse you mentioned. Proverbs 19:17 New International Version (NIV)
      17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord,
      and he will reward them for what they have done.

      Merry Christmas


  10. Reply

    Betsy Cruz

    What a beautiful story, Maree. I’ve had those “Not me. Not Today.” moments too. Thank you for reminding us that God can use even a small gesture, a small step out of our way, to bless someone and show them a bit of Jesus.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Betsy, Thank you! I am so glad to know I am not the only one. Yes, a bit of Jesus is sometimes just the right amount. Thank you for stopping by. Maree

  11. Reply

    Amy Hagerup (@amyhagerup)

    Oh my. I loved this very much. Thanks for your humility. And by the way, I love the Jesus stocking. Where did you get it?

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Hi Amy, I couldn’t find the exact one, but I found one close to it. I may even like it better. If you click here, you will see it on my page. Just click the picture and it will take you to Amazon where you can buy it. I am so glad you liked the post. Thank you for stopping by. Maree

  12. Reply


    It’s so easy to give in to tiredness and be selfish. Your story encourages me to do more.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Debbie, I am so glad my story encourages you. I hope you are all settled into your new home. Maree

  13. Reply


    Thank you for sharing this story! People do need to be reminded that they are seen and matter. So sad at how often I overlook this for many of the reasons you mentioned (tired, hungry, stressed, etc.) Thanks for the challenge to love with His love!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      You bet! It is so easy to rush right by. I am guilty one too many times. Thank you for stopping by. Maree

  14. Reply

    Emily J. M.

    A good challenge and reminder!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Emily – THank you! Maree

  15. Reply


    We are to minister to those God gives us – and that day, he gave you a homeless person to minister to. What a heart-felt reminder to be vigilant in loving his children.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment as well as the link to your post. It was fun to read another perspective on the sheep. Yes, we are called to feed the sheep God puts before us. Hope you have a great weekend. Maree

  16. Reply


    My heart goes out to the homeless. God’s love shines through even the little actions. Praying for that man now.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Kelly, What an excellent idea to pray for him. Thank you! I will join you in those prayers. Blessings, Maree

  17. Reply


    Beautiful quote by Mother Theresa. I have those days when I feel like I just need a pass, too. I guess it’s a human condition. Love your example of being a living example of the Gospel to that young man that day. May the Lord continue to use that day as a tool for healing and purpose in this gentleman’s life. — Hope you and your family are having a wonderful advent season, Maree. 🙂 ((hug))

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Brenda, I think you are right it is our “human condition.” I think I learned and gained more from the young man than what I gave. Blessings to you during the Advent season and beyond. Maree

  18. Reply

    Michele Morin

    Thanks for letting God meet you and empower you to rise to the occasion in that excruciatingly hard test. It would have been so easy for you to just give yourself a pass.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Yes, it would have. I have to admit I have in the past. Hope you have a remarkable day. Maree

  19. Reply


    How many times have we walked right past people who just needed to know that they are ‘seen and matter.’ What a great reminder that we don’t have to solve all the problems, but we can do something. A good reminder for all of us during this Christmas season. All of us can do something!

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee

      Karen, Glad you stopped by and added to the conversation.Yes, we don’t have to solve all problems. That thought pattern has kept me away from doing the little important things. Maree

  20. Reply

    Theresa Boedeker

    I so related to your story. It is easier to talk about loving others like God wants us to, than doing it when it is inconvenient and we are tired and crabby. Something similar happened to me at a gas station a few days ago. And you are right. These people so need to be seen and heard that they matter. I like your idea of doing love deeds for others. What a great Christmas idea.

    1. Reply

      Maree Dee


      I am so glad you stopped by and liked my Christmas idea. Holidays are not the easiest over here, so I always think I have a pass but God wouldn’t pass us. Merry Christmas! Maree

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