Perfectionism Is Not A Quest For The Best


    Travel with us this month as we take a deeper look into what perfection is all about and how God never intended us to live this tiresome way of life. If you are looking for a few favorites of mine on our topic, please click here. Blog Series: “Are You Exhausted Trying to Reach For Perfection?” “10 Clues You’re Striving For Perfection, Not Excellence” “Dispelling The Myths About Perfectionists” “How To Stop Striving For Perfection” “Will You Expose...

What Do You Think When You See A Bible Pulled Out In Public?

Do you ever pull your Bible out in public and wonder what others are thinking about you? Don’t get me wrong; I am not consumed with what others think, but I am a little curious from time to time. On this particular day, my mind wandered to that place. I was so excited to get to my seat on the plane. You see, I meet an amazing friend almost every time I fly. It is a friendship I long for,...